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Hades is one of the eight hypothetical planets (also called the Transneptunian planets or TNPs) of the Hamburg School. Interpretations for Hades include: poverty, dirt, crime, sickness, and garbage. It is also associated with the ancient past and secrets.



A halfsum (midpoint) is the halfway point between two planet positions.

Formula HS = (A + B) / 2

Sun 10 Aries (10 degrees from 0 Aries)
Moon 10 Taurus (40 degrees from 0 Aries)
Sun + Moon = 10 + 40 = 50
HS = 50 / 2 = 25 = 25 Aries



Heliacal rising means a star or planet rising just before the Sun due to the rotation of the Earth.

Heliacal setting means a star setting just after the Sun due to the rotation of the Earth.

The heliacal rising and setting of the Moon occurs when it is within 17 degrees of the Sun. The heliacal rising and setting of a star or planet occurs when it is within 30 degrees of the Sun.

The first day of the early Egyptian calendar was based on the heliacal (with the Sun) rising of Sothis (Sirius) that coincided with the start of the annual flood of the river Nile.



Heliocentric means the Sun at the centre. The Heliocentric co-ordinate system gives planet positions as viewed from the centre of the Sun.


Horary Astrology

The branch of astrology devoted to the process of interpreting a horoscope based on the moment a specific question is asked of the astrologer. Horary astrology pre-determines how a particular matter will turn out. E.g. a frequently asked question is "Will this new relationship succeed?" The astrologer casts a chart for the time the question is posed and reads the chart. Often the answer is a simple yes or no, but occasionally the chart will say a great deal about the issue. However, not all questions can be answered because the timing of the question is inappropriate or frivolous, or because the situation being asked about is going to change and the question becomes pointless.


Hour Angle

Hour angle is the difference between the Right Ascension of a planet and the Right Ascension circle on the Meridian at the time of observation. The Hour Angle is measured to the West from the Meridian.



Houses are divisions of the horoscope into 12 sectors representing areas of life and events. See below:

1st House

The 1st house in most systems of house division is taken from the degree of the Ascendant. It represents the personality and manner of expression, plus the general appearance. Planets in the 1st house coupled to the ruler of the 1st house contribute to an individual's primary motivation in life and physical appearance. In traditional astrology, Mercury is in its joy here.

In Natal Astrology: It represents the life, vitality and health of the individual. A person's personal appearance, coloring, complexion, and general body shape.
In Horary Astrology: It is the querent in any question.
In Mundane Astrology: It is the people of the nation and the country and its inhabitants as a whole. It also describes the way the nation presents itself to the world.
Biological: The head and face: eyes, ears, mouth, hair, nose, tongue and teeth.
Color: White, pale and wan colors
Gender: Masculine
Direction: East

2nd House

The 2nd house represents personal (moveable) belongings and wealth. It describes the degree of wealth and the manner in which it can be acquired. It also describes personal resources and finances.

In Natal Astrology: It describes personal resources, earnings and all issues concerning personal wealth. It indicates the manner in which wealth is acquired, the personal income and assets of the individual.
In Horary Astrology: The querent's finances and assets. The property of an individual in questions of lost items.
In Mundane Astrology: The wealth, financial status and the assets of the nation. The treasury, the ministry of finance, the director of the Reserve bank and all banks and financial institutions including the stock exchange and money markets. It also describes exports and money lent to other nations.
Biological: The throat and neck.
Color: Green
Gender: Feminine
Direction: East-North-East

3rd House

The 3rd house represents local environment and neighbourhood. It indicates general family members (excluding parents) such as siblings and cousins, and neighbours. It rules communications generally: telecommunications, newspapers, postal services and e-mail. It rules short journeys, daily mobility and transport. It also represents learning, self-expression and languages. In traditional astrology, the Moon is in its joy here.

In Natal Astrology: It represents the individual's siblings, cousins or general members of the family (excluding parents), the local neighbourhood and neighbours. It describes the communications of the person - languages, correspondences and debating skills. It also represents early schooling and education.
In Horary Astrology: It describes the querent's local neighbourhood, siblings, communications, contracts and written deeds.
In Mundane Astrology: It represents the transport industry, communication networks, the postal system and the media. It also indicates the education system and communications with other nations.
Biological: The arms, hands and fingers.
Color: Orange/yellow or rustry colors
Gender: Masculine
Direction: North-North-East

4th House

The 4th house situated at the lowest point of the horoscope is associated with the beginning and ending of all matters. It represents early childhood and family life and ancestry in general. It represents the parents - in particular the father. It rules land, agriculture, buildings, real estate and hidden treasure.

In Natal Astrology: It rules the home and family, the parents and father in particular, plus the grandparents and ancestors. It also describes the beginning and ending of life.
In Horary Astrology: It describes the querent's father, property matters - for sale or lease and the conditions of buildings. It can often represent the "end of the matter".
In Mundane Astrology: It represents landowners, the property market and the farming and mining industry. In political matters it is the Opposition Party.
Biological: The breast.
Color: Red
Gender: Feminine
Direction: North

5th House

The 5th house is traditionally the house of pleasure, sport and amusement. It is also connected to children and pregnancy, plus conception, sex and lovemaking. It rules the arts, recreation and the gambling industry. It also rules diplomats, ambassadors and agents who negotiate on behalf of others. Venus is in its joy here.

In Natal Astrology: The 5th rules children - the capacity for having children, their number and health. It describes love affairs, romance and pleasures. It describes what a person does for amusement and fun, such as hobbies and entertainment.
In Horary Astrology: It rules the querent's children, matters relating to pregnancy and romance. it also describes the father's wealth (2nd from the 4th).
In Mundane Astrology: It rules the entertainment industry within a nation, national sports and recreational pursuits. it rules places of enjoyment such as public and national parks, art galleries, theatres and sports venues. In political matters it governs ambassadors and diplomats. Its connection with children connects it to schools and the education system.
Biological: Stomach, liver, heart and back.
Color: Black and white, or honey-color.
Gender: Masculine
Direction: North-North-West

6th House

The 6th house relates to toil, employment and illness. In general it is a house of weakness. The planet Mars is in its joy here.

In Natal Astrology: It rules the illnesses and diseases that can afflict the native. It is also the house of work and labour. It describes the skills a person employs in a working situation. It also governs servants, tenants, employees, doctors, nurses and dentists. It rules small animals and pets. It is associated with relatives on the father's side of the family.
In Horary Astrology: It represents questions relating to illnesses, their causes and whether or not they are curable.
In Mundane Astrology: It rules the working classes generally and public employees such as state servants. It governs the keepers of public records such as librarians and archivists. It rules servants of the state, the armed forces, e.g. military personnel and police. It can indicate periods when epidemics can afflict the nation.
Biological: The lower part of the belly and smaller intestine.
Color: Black and dark colors generally.
Gender: Feminine
Direction: West-North-West

7th House

The 7th house rules marriage and all forms of partnership from personal to professional. It is also called the house of open enemies in traditional astrology, due to its opposition to the 1st.

In Natal Astrology: It indicates the potential for marriage and partnership. It describes the partner, but also the character of open enemies or opponents. Marriage and all forms of partnerships. The spouse, lover and person enquired after.
In Horary Astrology: It represents the astrologer. In questions of marriage or partnership it describes the spouse or lover asked about. In questions about theft it is the thief and whether or not the property will be recovered. In journeys, it is the destination, and in matters pertaining to moving house or location it indicates the place of intended destination.
In Mundane Astrology: It represents treaties and agreements a nation enters into with others. It also represents the known enemies of a nation.
Biological: It rules the midriff to the top of the legs, including the buttocks, lower intestines, bladder, womb and reproductive organs.
Color: Black and very dark colors.
Gender: Masculine
Direction: West

8th House

The 8th house is concerned with death, decay and loss. It can describe the nature of death, and issues relating to it such as wills, legacies and inheritances. It also deals with financial obligations, debts and taxes, money owed to others, and the spouse's wealth.

In Natal Astrology: It deals with all matters relating to death and personal loss. It determines if an individual will inherit, how the spouse will fare financially and the fears and anxieties that may be encountered.
In Horary Astrology: It is the house of loss, other people's money and death.
In Mundane Astrology: It is the Tax Department., the Privy Council and the national debt. It is the resources of the nation's enemies.
Biological: The sex organs & bladder.
Color: Green and black.
Gender: Feminine
Direction: West-South-West

9th House

The 9th house is the house of God and it is traditionally ruled by the Sun. It is the house of wisdom and illumination. Astrology belongs in this house, as do religion, philosophy, higher learning and long journeys.

In Natal Astrology: It governs the spiritual nature of the person, the involvement in higher learning and philosophy. It rules voyages and long journeys overseas, plus connections with foreign countries and foreigners. It also rules books, learning and publishing, all forms of scholarship and higher education.
In Horary Astrology: It pertains to all questions of higher knowledge, spirituality, religion and wisdom. It rules the law and lawyers, the church and the clergy, and distant places and travel.
In Mundane Astrology: It is religion, the church and all institutions of higher learning such as universities and polytechs. It governs foreign affairs, the Foreign Office and the Law Society. It is connected with international travel, the shipping industry and the airlines.
Biological: The buttocks, hips and thighs.
Color: Green and white.
Gender: Masculine
Direction: South-South-West

10th House

The 10th house is the house of destiny and the public reputation. It rules commanders, prime ministers, presidents and the monarchy. It is an individual's potential for fame and recognition, plus the vocation and worldly position.

In Natal Astrology: It is an indicator of profession. It shows the level of prestige, acclaim and advancement. Traditionally it is the house of the mother.
In Horary Astrology: It relates to questions concerning the querent's mother, career, reputation and outward success. It also rules the courts, judges, the judgement in legal cases and those in authority, including the government and the police - as enforcers of the law. It is also the property of the partner.
In Mundane Astrology: It rules those in authority over the nation such as the Prime Minister, government, president or dictator. It governs the police or armed forces when they assert authority over the citizens of the nation as opposed to serve them. It also indicates a nation's reputation, prestige and influence.
Biological: The knees, the back of the leg above the knees, the calves and shins.
Color: Red and white.
Gender: Feminine
Direction: South

11th House

The 11th house is the house of good fortune, friends, benefactors and supporters. It indicates general ambitions and hopes. Jupiter is in its joy here.

In Natal Astrology: It describes the individual's friends and supporters and wider social circle. It rules clubs and societies to which the native may be connected. It describes the goals and aspirations of the individual.
In Horary Astrology: It indicates the friends of the querent, the mother's resources and monies gained through a professional endeavour.
In Mundane Astrology: It rules Parliament and local body councils. It describes the allies and friends of the nation, plus its hopes and aspirations.
Biological: The ankles.
Color: Saffron or yellow.
Gender: Masculine
Direction: South-South-East

12th House

Traditionally, the house of self-undoing, the 12th is associated all manners of affliction. It is an unfortunate house, associated with sad events, sorrow, captivity, imprisonment, persecution, hard labour, afflictions and incapacity. It governs secrets, scandals, spies and traitors, hidden enemies and things that are incapable of being fully understood. It rules places that are kept from the public view such as prisons, mental institutions and hospitals. It is the house of chronic illness, infirmity and mental anguish. It also rules large animals. Saturn is in its joy here.

In Natal Astrology: It rules that which is hidden, restrained and secret. It is the most private area of an individual's chart, where fears reside, skeletons lurk in closets and shameful acts are stored away. It is the house of self-undoing and harm through the treachery of hidden enemies.
In Horary Astrology: It is a house of misfortune. Significators in this house rarely come to much good. It can indicate that the querent is unaware of something.
In Mundane Astrology: It rules the prison system, institutions, hospitals, asylums and monasteries. It governs those who are in need of assistance - hence it is connected to the welfare state. It is associated with secret societies, underground movements and occult organisations. It also rules the hidden enemies of the state such as spies and traitors.
Biological: The feet.
Color: Green.
Gender: Feminine
Direction: East-South-East



"The Giver of Life". The Hyleg is a significator of longevity, and can be a planet, the Ascendant or the Part of Fortune. Calculation of the Hyleg is a complex affair.