Astrology House

Janus Light


Main Screen

The opening screen of Janus Light. Initially, displays current chart for date, time and place of user's location. Charts cast or retrieved from file are displayed here.

Wheel and Grid

Displays natal chart and aspect grid.

Chart Shape

Displays a list of chart shapes as originally defined by Marc Edmund Jones.

Aspect Patterns

Displays a list of aspect patterns between the planets and points in the chart.

Animated Bi-wheel

Shows the natal chart on the inner wheel and the transits of the planets for a place, date and time in the outer wheel.


Displays two natal charts in a bi-wheel for comparison.

Ashtkoot Compatibility

A Vedic astrology relationship scoring system.

A*C*G Map

The rising, setting, culminating and anti-culminating positions of the planets on a map.

A*C*G, Local Space and Paran Map

Displays the A*C*G, LS and Paran lines on a map.

One Year Calendar

Displays a selection of natal and mundane events in calendar form.