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Hank-FriedmanNorth America

Hank Friedman



Hank Friedman is a certified distributor of Janus, and has helped us considerably in beta testing and improving the design of Janus. Hank has been working with astrology software companies since the beginning of personal computing, helping them improve their software's design and functionality. He also practices as both a Western and Vedic astrologer, a therapist and a psychic. His Soulhealing website includes most of his astrology software reviews and articles and news on astrology software, as well as his blogs on chocolate and aromatherapy. And, on his Learn Astrology Free website, he offers astrologers over 150 free tutorials, and adds new ones bimonthly.


Sophie Huang


Phone (China): +86-18501770197

Phone (Taiwan): +886-922782539

wechat: astrothink126

Sophie Huang is a certified distributor of Janus and has been studying astrology for over 16 years including with the CPA in London. She has 30 years experience in the communication and advertising fields.

Luis-ResinaEurope and South America

Luis Resina


Luis Resina is a certified distributor of Janus, an astrologer with 40 years of experience, is currently dedicated to teaching and researching this traditional knowledge. Some of his main areas of interest are: the Primary Direction technique, Spherical Astrology and the study of the legacy of Hellenic Astrology. He has two books published in Portuguese language: “Guide to Astrological Interpretation” and “Autobiography of Fernando Pessoa”